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Living room sunscreen curtain selection

Mar 11,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

In the hot summer, people always come up with many ways to cool down the room, and curtains are one of the cool protagonists in the home. The key to resisting high temperatures is resisting the sun, but the sun won't just stand still. At this time, as long as "curtain arrays" are placed in the four directions of east, south, west, and north, and suitable curtains are hung intelligently, it can not only block the strong sunlight, but also leave enough comfortable natural light for the living room.
East window: vertical blinds. As the sun rises in the east, the windows of the east room can quickly gather a lot of light, and the heat energy can also be quickly diffused through the metal frame of the window. Therefore, the curtains on the east side are best prepared for the soft light of the owner who wakes up in the morning. Opt for soft-textured vertical drapes, which allow owners to enjoy the first rays of sunshine of the day through their subtle shades and soft light.
South windows: blackout curtains. The windows on the south side have plenty of light all year round and are the most important source of natural light in the room. However, in the hot summer months, sunlight with sufficient heat and UV rays is a bit redundant. Therefore, the curtains on the south side are best to protect from sun and ultraviolet rays. The more popular blackout curtains (with a layer of sunscreen coating on them) are the best choice.
In summer, the sun will increase the room temperature. Therefore, the windows on the west side should be often closed or blocked, and curtains that can diffuse the light source and block ultraviolet rays can be used as much as possible to protect the furniture. Venetian blinds, organ blinds, pleated blinds, wooden blinds, or specially treated fabric curtains are all good choices.
North window: cloth vertical blinds, thinner light-transmitting organ blinds, roller blinds. If the light enters the home from the north, it will appear very uniform and bright, and it is one of the most emotional natural light sources. Therefore, it is best to choose high-transparency curtains for the north window, and avoid dark curtains with heavy texture. In order to fully retain this mood, cloth vertical curtains, thinner light-transmitting organ curtains, roller shutters, and fabric curtains with good light-transmitting effects are better choices.