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Manufacturing process of aluminum venetian blind

Mar 14,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

The main function of aluminum venetian blinds is to be able to make corresponding control according to changes in sunlight and different indoor lighting; durable and extremely vital mechanical devices require little special care; installed on outdoor window frames, venetian blinds become part of the building, Make the building look more beautiful.
Aluminum blinds manufacturing process:

1. The blade is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, and it is made of double-sided enamel paint and exquisite accessories.

2. The upper and lower tracks are made of high-quality aluminum material, and the coating is electrostatic powder spraying.

3. The iron top slot, bottom slot and installation code are treated with different colors of baking paint.

4. The surface of the blade is smooth, the feel is excellent, the color is rich, and it has good resilience and toughness.

5. The surface color of aluminum alloy venetian blinds adopts lead-free coating paints with international standard specifications, which are highly resistant to sunlight and heat. Block UV rays.

6. No discoloration caused by prolonged sunlight. Jalousie uses aluminum blades with high thermal reflectivity, which can reflect most of the sun's heat, which helps to improve the cooling and heating effect of air conditioners and achieve energy saving purposes.