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Material selection and style matching of blinds

Jun 15,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Blinds can be divided into PVC, aluminum alloy and solid wood blinds according to the material

Prices increase in sequence

Texture is also increasing

If you choose aluminum alloy and PVC material

It is recommended that you choose the S-shaped louver for better closure
In addition to selecting materials

Style matching is also the key

Generally speaking

Blinds made of PVC and aluminum alloy

It is easier to create a bright sense of space

Suitable for a Scandinavian home

Most recommended to install in the living room, balcony, study

Solid wood shutters have a simple and elegant feel

Suitable for Japanese, New Chinese and American style homes

Most recommended to install in bedroom, tatami

What to do if the blinds have poor shading?

Both small and big houses

The most important thing is ventilation and light

The biggest charm of blinds

Lies in its adjustment of light and shadow

This principle is the same as the elegant screens

Compared with other curtains, the shading is really not good enough

Putting it in the bedroom will affect the sleep of some people. It needs both light and privacy.

The pattern of blinds + curtains is another option

If you are sensitive to light

Can be combined with blinds and blinds

Opening the curtains during the day also protects privacy

Close the curtains at night