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New idea of environmental protection and energy saving: windproof outdoor roller blind

Sep 01,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Windproof outdoor roller blind is an improved and upgraded sunshade product on the basis of ordinary roller blind. Through special treatment process, the fabric and mechanism are effectively combined as a whole. It is an excellent product integrating heat insulation, sunshade, light adjustment, privacy protection, windproof and ultraviolet radiation protection. It can be used for indoor and outdoor facade or inclined sunshade.

In waldengo, Italy, there is such a private house with full sense of design. Because the facade of the house adopts a large area of transparent glass, in order to protect its internal space, the designer chooses windproof outdoor roller blind to match the whole building.

Effective control

In the case of not blocking the outdoor vision, the windproof outdoor roller blind can open and close at any time through the track, which plays an effective control and makes the outdoor space more pleasant.

Improve comfort

With windproof outdoor roller blind, homeowners can fully enjoy the outdoor area of the residence in a more comfortable environment

More aesthetic

The fabric color of windproof outdoor roller blind can be a variety of choices. Choosing the most appropriate fabric color can perfectly combine with the building and enhance the beauty of the building.

In fact, it's not just residential buildings. In some public facilities and commercial buildings, there are also many cases of the use of windproof outdoor roller blind. For example, the administrative building in Rimini is a typical example.

As the building was built for a long time, it belongs to the old industrial era, so there is still a lack of external sunshade window decoration effect. With the increase of temperature, the facade windows exposed to the sun will bring very high temperature to the interior.

Designers have thought of installing aluminum external sunshade metal blinds on the facade, but due to the aging brick structure, the installation height and subsequent maintenance will be more cumbersome, and windproof outdoor roller blind becomes the most reliable choice.

The windproof outdoor roller blind has a very significant effect on the internal space of the building

1. Filter and reduce the radiation of the sun, and can play a cooling effect, so that the indoor light is more convenient to control;
2. Effectively reduce building energy consumption at the same time, make the living space more pleasant.
3. Ensure wind and rain protection, including severe weather, such as strong gusts.
4. No maintenance, no easy wear, no electrical control system, no special intervention for bad weather.

In the sunshade industry, windproof outdoor roller blind can be said to be the sunshade field, which is a major representative of promoting building energy saving, safety and intelligence. In response to the national construction policy of energy saving and sustainable development, the windproof outdoor roller blind is widely used in balconies, offices, sunshine rooms, five-star hotels, building curtain walls and other facades.

1. Maintain the advantages and life experience of traditional windproof outdoor roller blind: sunshade and heat insulation, ventilation, B1 level flame retardant, leisure through the scene, prevent mosquitoes, block privacy.

2. Solve the difficulty problems of transportation, lifting and installation, so as to reduce the safety risk and effectively improve the user experience and installation and transportation.

3. Green energy saving, solar power supply can be used to solve the installation environment without power supply, rewiring affect the appearance and other problems.

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