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Remember three things. It's easy to choose the right curtain.

Aug 30,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

Decoration is important. Software installation can not be ignored. Unlike basic installation, soft installation requires a very beautiful vision and good matching skills. Soft installation is difficult but also easier to produce results. Curtain is a more commonly used part of soft clothing, curtain selection is good, can add color to the overall effect of the home! So how to choose curtains to look beautiful and high-grade?

Choosing curtain matching is the key! Here are a few ways to choose curtains, let's take a look at them.

1. Curtain color

The first step in selecting curtains is to choose the color of curtains. The color of curtains is very important. Most can not make mistakes, according to the different decorative styles and colors of the home, you can choose and wall, sofa, floor and other colors corresponding to the pure color curtain, pure color curtain matching, more effective, overall sense and aesthetic degree can be greatly increased!

Curtain color and bedding color are the same! The overall effect looks bright and transparent, beautiful and generous!

Curtains and furniture bedding are the same color, with broken flowers on the wall, it is simply not too good-looking!

2. Multicolor stitching curtains

If you think that only one color is too monotonous, consider multi-color stitching curtains. Multi-color stitching curtains look more hierarchical and spatial! But when choosing, we must pay attention to that the color of stitching curtain should not exceed three kinds. Secondly, the effect of vertical stitching is better than that of horizontal stitching. Of course, the color should be as close as possible to the interior wall or home color.

3. Curtain Style

The choice of curtain style is also very important, you can choose according to your hobbies! If you think the pure color is too monotonous, you can choose the curtain with pattern, such as the printed curtain. Relatively speaking, the printed curtain looks smaller and fresher, beautiful and generous without losing childlike interest. It is suitable for families who like lovely style!

Selection of Curtain Thickness

According to the different functions of the room, the choice of curtain thickness also has some differences, such as bedroom is used for sleeping and rest, so the bedroom curtain should choose a thicker cotton curtain, which can not only reduce the noise transmitted into the bedroom, but also play the role of heat insulation and sun protection! And because the living room needs light transmission and ventilation, so should choose a slightly thin gauze curtain, gauze curtain permeability and light transmission are very good, can make the living room more open and comfortable!

Choice of Fold

As we all know, curtain hanging out needs some wrinkles to look good, but when buying, curtain shop owners often use the name of increasing wrinkles to let consumers buy more curtains. For example, the width of your window is 2 meters. If you don't know in advance, curtain shop owners will tell you that they need 5 meters wide curtains. It's good to make folds! In fact, the width of the curtain is only 1.5 times larger than the width of the window, so you can buy 2 meters more white material!