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Selection Method of Small Window Curtain

Sep 06,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

Selection Method of Small Window Curtain

Method 1: In the design and matching, the small window curtain is mostly composed of two layers of material, one is sound insulation, the other is light shielding and the other is colorful.

Rich curtain will set off the curtain more gentle and warm; if you like to sleep, then you are advised to choose shading cloth, good shading effect so that you have a good shading effect.

Excellent sleep.

Method 2: In style, it still takes the home decoration style as the conductor and the small window curtain pays more attention to the quality, warmth and safety. Usually the color of the bedroom for the elderly

It should be solemn and elegant, with dark flowers and curtains of plain colour; young people should be lively and lively, so they can choose modern patterns; and they like quiet ones.

People can choose the cold tone; on the contrary, they like the lively, warm and bright colors.

Method 3: The length of the curtain is slightly longer than that of the windowsill, so as to avoid the draught and exposure. The width of the curtain depends on the width of the window.

It must be compatible with the size of the wall. Wider curtains should be chosen for narrower windows to block the walls on both sides as if they were redundant. And whether the curtains are pleated or not.

Use double-decker, which should be chosen according to each person's preferences. There is a dynamic rhythmic beauty in pleating; the effect inside and outside the double curtain has a different charm. as

If you want to achieve better air permeability, or want to see outdoor green scenery at any time, elegant bamboo curtains and modern blinds are the best choice.  

Here are some curtain matching techniques for different colors of small window curtains.

Green gauze curtains with black iron curtain poles and red heart-shaped curtain pole heads are believed to win the hearts of those romantic women. Gauze color

Curtains, matched with wooden curtain poles, curtain rings and curtain pole decorations, are suitable for the owners who love beauty but do not like publicity. Grey gauze curtain, black iron curtain

Rod, curtain pole head ornaments can choose bamboo knitting, strong three-dimensional sense of this. Elegant bamboo curtain with a layer of white gauze, when blown, the gauze gently float

Move, quite amorous feelings. Blue thin cloth curtain, and the knot at the end of the curtain rod bring flowing aesthetic feeling. With black iron curtain rod. Silver-grey shutters

Curtain. It matches well with modern furniture. It can be put on the window of the study.