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Several questions about blinds

Jun 23,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

How to choose blinds?
The blinds are divided into manual and electric. The electric blinds are widely used in the office, which is convenient to adjust but the price is expensive. Manual venetian blinds are available in drawstring and beaded styles. Those who enjoy the ritual will prefer to choose manual. There are also some cordless sliding blinds, which are also very convenient. The blinds need to be opened and closed at home every day to adjust the angle of the blinds. The loss is large. More attention should be paid to the purchase of high-quality blades and adjustment rods.
What is the size of the blinds?
For size, you can choose your own measurement and the seller's on-site measurement. In terms of accuracy, the size of the merchant's on-site measurement is more standard. But if you want to measure by yourself, also pay attention to the following aspects:
There are two installation methods for blinds: concealed installation and surface installation. When purchasing, you need to measure the size of the blinds according to different assembly methods. The length of the blinds concealed in the window lattice should be the same as the height of the window, but the width should be 1~2cm smaller than the left and right sides of the window. If the blind is hanging outside the window, its length should be about 10cm longer than the height of the window and about 5cm wider than the two sides of the window to ensure its good shading effect.
How to take care of blinds?
At present, there are shutter cleaning brushes and detergents for special cleaning. The shutters in the normal space are very well taken care of. If you are not so diligent, you can consider the mode of closing the window + fresh air system.