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Small renovation of sofa curtains

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Using soft decorations skillfully, old houses can be transformed into new ones

In the New Year, everyone inevitably visits relatives and friends. However, recently, Ms. Cui, a citizen of Chengdu, has begun to worry again. Although the house is very clean, the house has been renovated for many years, and the furniture in the living room looks very old and has no Chinese New Year atmosphere.

Ms. Cui hopes that some minor adjustments can make the house feel completely new. In this regard, the reporter visited a decoration company in Chengdu and learned that some soft decorations can be used to make small renovations to the living room.

Replace sofa cushions with fur coats

When relatives and friends first walked into the living room, the first thing that caught your eye might be the sofa. How to make a micro-renovation of the sofa? The staff of the decoration company said that for winter, the "coat" of the cushion can be replaced with knitted or furry material, which will make the whole house look more warm, and the choice of color should be adjusted according to the color of the entire sofa .

Curtains are an important decorative part of the entire living room, and the most important thing to replace the curtains is to control the color. Yu Qian, a staff member of Shakespeare Home Experience Hall, said that the color of curtains cannot be lighter than the color of the wall. If it is a white wall, the color of the curtains cannot be lighter than the color of the sofa. Otherwise, it will appear that the curtains are empty and there is no sense of decoration.

There is also a large decorative part in the living room is the carpet. If you want to make the home warmer in winter, you can put a carpet in the living room.

Displaying artificial flower decoration shows vitality

If you want to make the whole living room more vibrant and New Year's atmosphere, you can add some small accessories in some places. First of all, you can add a few coasters to the coffee table. It is best to use cotton, linen, hand-knitted and other materials to make it more intimate. In addition, you can put a few potted flowers or raise a few goldfish. If you don't have time to care for the flowers, you can choose artificial flowers.

The wall can be decorated with different shapes or different sizes of mirror frames. Citizens who want to change the wallpaper but are afraid of trouble can make a renovation by hanging a large painting on the wall, which will not only transform the environment, but will not be too troublesome.

How to choose a matching curtain for the living room in winter?

For winter, the choice of curtains should be based on warm colors, which can make the whole living room more warm.

Curtains generally choose red, yellow, gold, etc. Citizens who choose red generally dare to boldly match. Yellow curtains are divided into dark yellow and light yellow. Dark yellow is generally matched with solid wood furniture, and light yellow is generally matched with modern furniture. The golden curtains are generally matched with luxurious decoration types, for example, Chinese style or European style.

How to choose a living room carpet in winter?

The color of the carpet is generally brown, gray, black, etc. Due to the different size of the living room, the choice of the shape of the carpet is also different. Generally, small size (40 square meters-50 square meters) can choose round carpets, and square carpets are versatile, suitable for various types of apartments.

There are also special-shaped carpets, such as zebra prints, leopard prints, tiger skins and so on. Generally, this kind of carpet is suitable for middle and high-end decoration style. If small-sized households want to choose special-shaped carpets, they can choose zebra-patterned carpets, which have thicker fur, which can make the living room space more compact and warm.

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