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Teach you to choose the right curtain

Mar 04,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous improvement of craftsmanship, more and more raw materials are used to make curtains, such as cotton, printed cloth, non-woven, yarn-dyed jacquard; silk, brocade, ice silk, georgette; nylon, polyester Cotton decorative cloth; thicker velvet, velveteen, corduroy...etc. Curtains made of different fabrics have different textures and decorative effects.

    From the perspective of decorative effect, the living room and dining room can choose fabrics with larger patterns and elegant characteristics; the bedroom curtains should be thick to ensure privacy and sleep comfort; the study should be made of materials with good light transmission performance and elegant colors; bathroom curtains should choose shading Good, easy-to-wash PVC fabric, the style strives to be simple and smooth.

    Different textures and textures of fabrics can give people different feelings. The bedrooms of many families are made of double-layer curtains, and the secondary curtains are made of transparent tulle, which is light-transmitting and light. Among them, hand-embroidered gauze curtains are exquisite and luxurious, silk and linen gauze curtains are bright and shiny, transparent georgette or nylon yarn, textile yarn, cool and pleasant. Most of the main curtains choose coarse textured fabrics or thick floral fabrics.

    Newlywed families can choose high-grade fabrics such as wool, imitation silk, hemp yarn and velvet, which have strong drape, complicated patterns and luxurious colors. The resulting crepe curtains are layered and imposing. For rooms that do not require much shading, use thin cotton and linen fabrics to make ordinary rooms look soft and elegant. For a room that is not too spacious, use cotton and linen fabrics with light-colored flowers or broken small patterns, and make the curtains wider, which has a sense of space expansion, and also shows tenderness and romance.

    The fabric texture of curtain fabric products includes natural fibers, man-made fibers, and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers refer to fabrics made of cotton, wool, hemp, and silk. Man-made fibers are reconstructions and chemical treatments of natural fibers, such as nylon. Synthetic fibers are fibers that have been chemically treated.