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The best tips for cleaning blinds in life

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

The blinds look good, but the cleaning is really a headache, especially for patients with lazy cancer! Especially in modern life, many families choose blinds, which can usually shade and look good. I personally like this kind of simple design blinds, it looks like the whole room feels better, but this is really hard to clean, I really have a deep understanding, but now I want to tell everyone not to worry, Today I will tell you a few simple and practical methods!

The materials of blinds are divided into venetian blinds, rollers, velvet, canvas, cloth, hemp, and electrostatic flocking cloth. Among them, curtains made of venetian blinds are relatively simple to clean. Therefore, in the choice of material, you can choose well-managed blinds. This will also make your life easier and not too much effort, otherwise it will really hurt your brain. Although it usually looks good, taking care of it will make you more and more disgusted with it, so try to use simple methods to clean it up, and you will save a lot of things.

Spray an appropriate amount of water and polishing agent when cleaning, and wipe it dry with a rag to keep it clean and shiny. Although it sounds simple, it takes more patience to do so, the cleaning job is also a lot easier!

You can choose a thicker rag, which will not shed hair and absorb large amounts of water, so there is no need to worry about water stains. And the color of macaron makes the mood of cleanliness better! As for the position of the curtain drawstring, we can choose a soft bristle brush! It is not easy to shed hair and it is easy to use. I think that's easy to use, and you can also choose to use a more handy operation which is more convenient.

Just like a large-sized dust-removing brush with natural bristles, the soft and thick bristles can not only easily remove dust from the curtains, but also the soft bristles will not cause damage to the curtains. And if it’s okay, just use it to gently sweep the curtains, sofas and beds, which can also reduce the cleaning time, is it very practical?

However, it is inevitable that the curtains will be dirty. At this time, use warm water to dissolve the detergent or wipe with a small amount of ammonia solution. It is simple and convenient! This method is the simplest and most effective, yet it is effortless, worry-free and labor-saving.

how? Don’t you think it’s not so difficult to clean? In fact, the things imagined are really not that difficult, just find the right method, and everything will become easier. Whether cleaning or living, it can be so simple and clear!

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