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The curtain choice faces inside with university knowledge

Sep 21,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

The choice and use of curtains in addition to the material is very particular, different orientations of the living room in the matching curtains also have their own knowledge, here may as well read aloud with you.

East Window Sunrise Brings a Perfect Day

Eastern windows can quickly gather a lot of light in the morning. Temperature changes rapidly from cool at night to hot during the day. Thermal energy also spreads rapidly through the metal frames of windows. So you can choose soft texture blinds and vertical curtains, which have the same texture as yarn, and can harmonize dazzling light through elegant tones.

The west window should not let the sunset spoil the furniture

Although sunset is beautiful, it is also the highest temperature in a day when the strong sunshine will damage the color and luster of furniture surface, fabric is easy to fade, so the west-oriented room in the choice of curtains must choose curtains that can diffuse light sources or block ultraviolet rays, in order to protect furniture, flooring and fabric decoration at home. Product. Therefore, shutters, organ curtains and specially treated fabric curtains (such as a layer of anti-ultraviolet fabric on the back) are good choices.

Anti-ultraviolet radiation of south window is the key

The south window has abundant light all year round, which is the most important natural light source in the room. But its biggest disadvantage is that sometimes the light appears too abundant, and the warm natural light contains a lot of heat and ultraviolet rays. Therefore, day and night curtain is a good choice. In the daytime, open the curtain above, which can provide light transmission and enjoy the scenery; in the evening, pull up the curtain below, so that the master can enjoy the tranquility of the night.

North Window: Enjoy Natural Light

The north-facing window is one of the most attractive natural light sources because of its uniform and bright light. In order to keep this sentiment fully, blinds, cloth vertical curtains and thinner transparent organ curtains, rolling curtains and fabric curtains with good transparency effect are better choices.