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The curtain color reveals your psychological status

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Psychological test: New curtains were just changed at home on the weekend. What color do you think the curtains are?

   A white B gray C purple D blue

    answer analysis

   Option A: Very dissatisfied with the current learning status

   You are under a lot of pressure to study. You are struggling with your score all day long. You even feel desperate for yourself and don’t know how to plan for the future. It is recommended that you bravely face the deficiencies in learning, relax and face the difficulties in learning one by one.

   Option B: I am very dissatisfied with my family at the moment

   Perhaps there is a relationship crisis between your parents, and the key to the problem lies with your father. Your prejudices and misunderstandings against him are quite deep. I suggest you try to communicate with your parents to help them resolve their conflicts. After all, you are a family, don't let your heart get bigger and bigger!

   Option C: Dissatisfied with the current economic situation

   You want to buy a lot of things, and always think that the pocket money given by your parents is too small to meet your inner needs. It is recommended that you do some part-time work in your spare time and try to make money on your own. It is also a test of survivability!

   Choice D: I am currently dissatisfied with my abilities

   You are desperate now. Whether it's work or study or interpersonal communication, red lights seem to be lit up everywhere. You are very confused and often feel like you have more than enough energy. It is recommended that you evaluate the gains and losses before doing things, and it is better to act according to the plan.

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