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The use, characteristics and how to use the roller blind cloth correctly

Jul 08,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

Roller blinds should have basic functions such as blocking sunlight radiation, blocking heat, reducing indoor temperature, reducing indoor light illuminance, preventing glare, etc. The fabric is made of glass fiber or polyester fiber covered with PVC coating and has a microporous structure. Glass fiber is more stable and the production process is more complicated. The stability of the fabric is very good, it can be used for a long time, the size is not easy to be stretched, and it is not easy to deform after years of sun exposure.

First, it can be used for rolling shutters in various farms, pig farms, cattle farms, chicken farms, etc.;

Second, it can be used to cover the piles of open-air warehouses in the station, wharf, and harbour yard. ;

Third, it can build temporary granary and open-air covering of various crops;

Fourth, it can be used as materials for building temporary sheds and temporary warehouses on various construction sites such as construction sites and electric power construction sites;

Fifth, freight tarpaulins for cars, trains, ships and cargo ships can be used.

The characteristics of roller shutter fabric products and the correct use method.

First, it has the functions of waterproof and anti-mildew, and has the characteristics of light material, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, convenient washing and folding;

Second, the product should avoid collision with sharp metal blocks during use;

Third, if the product is damaged during use, it can be repaired with special glue for tarpaulin.