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The west side window refuses to protect the furniture at night

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Choice: venetian blinds, organ curtains, pleated curtains, wooden curtains, fabric curtains, the temperature in the room will increase at night, especially in the hot summer, windows should be closed frequently or blocked, so try to choose to diffuse the light source and block ultraviolet rays The curtains give some protection to the furniture. Venetian blinds, organ curtains, pleated curtains, wooden curtains and specially treated fabric curtains are all good choices.

Tip: Strong sunlight will damage the color and luster of the furniture surface, and the fabric will fade easily. Attention should be paid to the selection of specially treated curtains. They can refract the sunlight and reduce the intensity of the light.

The choice of color: When choosing curtains, you should choose the matching curtains according to your own decoration style to play a finishing touch. Creamy white walls with light red curtains can show a magnificent effect; light cream yellow walls with brown curtains will be more warm and comfortable; children’s rooms are light green walls, which can be matched with green or Light yellow curtains to increase its childishness. For example, the curtains of the newlyweds' room should be bright and strong in color to increase the lively and joyful atmosphere. The curtains of the elderly's room should be quiet and peaceful to present a quiet and harmonious atmosphere. The color of the bedroom and the living room should also be different. The curtains of the former should be light to make people quiet; the latter should be thick, which gives people a sense of solemnity. The choice of curtain color will also vary according to the change of seasons. The color of summer should be light. The color in winter should be dark, in order to change people's psychological "hot" and "cold" feelings. In addition, in the same room, it is best to choose curtains of the same color and pattern to maintain the overall beauty and prevent clutter.

Choice of texture: currently the main popular curtain textures in the curtain market include cotton, polyester cotton, linen, knitted polyester, and various blends. Due to different materials, the price of curtains varies greatly, and the suitability for various decoration methods is also different. Polyester-cotton curtains: The fabric is light and elegant, and the pattern is beautiful. If you use cool colors such as green and blue, it can increase the sense of elegance and comfort. Hemp curtains: the pattern is convex and concave, the three-dimensional feeling is strong, the color is rich, thin and tall, there is a feeling of hanging, and the grade is higher. Knitted polyester drawn warp yarn: mesh weave, bright pattern, strong three-dimensional feeling, comfortable and refreshing. Flower crepe and velveteen: The fabric is thick, the color is rich, the pattern has a three-dimensional effect, the price is moderate, and it looks elegant and solemn. The thickness of the curtain is different, and its function in use is also different. For example, thin curtains can turn strong sunlight into slender and soft, which not only blocks the scorching sun, but also keeps the room bright and clean; while thick floral crepe and velveteen curtains are effective in preventing noise interference. The choice of curtain texture should neither be too thick nor too thin. It is necessary to choose curtains suitable for all seasons to increase their practicality. The current common practice is one layer of gauze curtains and one layer of cloth curtains, so that they can be used according to different needs.

Note: Straight strips or curtains with folk patterns make the room simple and elegant. The American pastoral style advocated by    Jin Yuan, with the theme of natural comfort, advocates the concept of leisurely home life. Our curtain styles closely follow European and American fashion trends, with novel and unique styles. The fabric is printed with mercerized cotton, the fabric is bright in color and soft to the touch. In addition, it has been treated with sun protection to increase the durability of the fabric. The fabric pattern of our Jinyuan has a unique American pastoral style, with realistic flowers as the mainstay, which is natural and vivid. Give relaxed and comfortable enjoyment to people who have been busy working for a day.

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