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There are many kinds of curtain fabric market

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

"These straight strips, lattice color or solid color curtains are all selling very well. But there is one characteristic. In terms of material, young people pay great attention to the texture of curtains, generally like edible wool, imported water-polished yarn, cotton and linen. Fabric curtains, such as velvet, which seem to be of higher grade, are the best sellers." Lu Zhijian selected a primary color series from more than 50 thick sample books and introduced it to reporters.

   Mr. Sun and his wife, who live in Songjiazhuang, plan to move into their new house under renovation before the end of the year. This time they came here to buy curtains. Mr. Ren said frankly that they had already turned twice to buy suitable curtains, but "there are too many things, the more you look at them, the less you have any idea."

   However, both Mr. Ren and his wife insist on one thing, that is, the curtains are "not too flowery" and "just look bright and clean, simple and capable".

"The overall decoration style of our house is modern and minimalist. Traditional things cannot be appreciated, and the post-modern ones cannot be accepted for a while. We all like simple and stylish things." Mr. Ren said that the spirit of modern people is harmonious. There is a lot of psychological pressure, and the flat and free style can make you relax at home.

   However, the two still disagree on specific details. "The girls like pink or rose and other romantic colors. I personally like sky blue or turquoise, which is a little more peaceful." Mr. Ren said, it is not possible. They had to "compromise" each other and return to the living room and bedroom The wife is responsible, but the study is his own.

   price difference

The complete installation of a set of curtains includes window index measurement, matching products, delivery and installation, etc. Generally, if the number of curtains installed reaches more than 3, the merchants will give free discounts in the measurement and installation links, curtains and related accessories. The cost is the key.

   Lu Zhijian said that these costs generally include curtain materials, lace, tassels, window screens, perforations, cloth tapes, etc. The lace is about 10 to 30 yuan per meter, the hole is usually 3 yuan per piece, the cloth tape is about 10 yuan per piece, and curtain materials and hanging ears are the bulk of the cost.

   After visiting dozens of home textile shops, the reporter found that the prices of curtains, window screens and tassels vary greatly according to different fabrics, workmanship and styles. Curtains and hanging ears are in pursuit of coordination. The general materials are the same and the prices are close. Among them, the low price ranges from tens or even ten yuan per square meter, and the high price can reach four to five hundred yuan per square meter. Among them, functional curtains generally charge the highest, with an average price of about 200 yuan per meter.

"In addition to satisfying people's most basic decorative and light-shielding functions, functional curtains also add some other new functions. It uses new craftsmanship. While providing people with new conveniences, it also provides a certain degree of convenience. Increasing the production cost of the enterprise. It is not difficult to understand that the price is definitely higher than that of ordinary curtains."

   Lu Zhijian said that functional curtains, as a new product that has not been on the market for a long time, also have a certain appreciation space in themselves, which is conducive to satisfying the curiosity of some groups with higher spending power. Generally, if you install a functional curtain for a window, the price is around 2,000 yuan.

   However, Lu Zhijian believes that consumers do not need to blindly follow the trend and blindly pursue the functionality of curtains. He said that different curtains can meet consumers' basic decorative effects and shading effects. Consumers should choose curtains based on their actual needs and economic capabilities.

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