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Tips to help you choose curtains

Jan 18,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

Where to buy curtains

To buy curtains, you must go to Curtain City. Curtains in the curtain area of ​​Building Materials City will be 2 to 4 times more expensive than Curtain City. In addition, it should be noted that in general, large-scale curtain cities will have a large flow of people, so the first floor and some well-located shops in the market are rented. For curtain fabrics, merchants generally sell samples of fabrics, so there is not much difference between the products of different stores. And the rent of prosperous shops in the same market will definitely be high, and the price of the same cloth will be expensive, so we go to the curtain city to buy cloth, it is best to go to the corner shops on the second and third floors to buy.

Of course, there are many curtain fabric shops in high-end building materials city, and their furnishings are very beautiful. Before buying, we can also go to such shops to learn more, and then we can learn from some styles when buying curtains for our own home. style.

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Free processing and installation service

Merchants usually come to the door to measure, and then process it for you to install at your door. Yet this is also the most gullible place to spend more. Curtain processing needs to use: cloth belt + hook (used to hang the curtain on the track or curtain rod), lead wire (used to increase the drop of the curtain), lace and decorative fringe (to increase the appearance).

More than 90% of my friends buy these accessories from the merchants who sell curtain fabrics when they buy curtains, and they do not negotiate much with the merchants. Such a transaction price is more than 2 to 5 times the actual reasonable selling price of these excipients. In fact, first of all, making curtains is very, very simple. As long as you or your relatives and friends can use a sewing machine to push a straight line, you can go back and make your own curtains and accessories in ten minutes.

Where to buy accessories

Generally, in the curtain city, you should pay attention to it, there will be places that sell accessories or make curtains. The prices of accessories in these places are very cheap, because they generally face the merchants who sell curtains. Even if you ask a merchant to process it for you, you can ask for accessories yourself. Of course, you can also go to the place that sells accessories to ask about the reserve price, so that you can get a similar price in the place where you buy the curtains.

After the size of the custom-made curtains is determined, it is necessary to sign an order contract with the merchant. The dimensions and total contract price for each pair of curtains are listed above. You'd better ask the merchant to write the size in more detail, and then it will be better if it is accompanied by a picture. And be sure to save this size, and be sure to re-measure it when the curtain is installed. Because many merchants give you curtains that are smaller than the size you ordered, but because no one re-measures the size, they are not found. This point, it is best to tell the merchant when ordering, you will retest, and he will not give you the short size.

In the order contract, it is also necessary to indicate how many hooks each pair of curtains has. In order to save trouble, some merchants try to use as few hooks as possible, which makes many curtains with curtain rods look strange.

In addition, you don't need to make the curtain box yourself. When buying curtains, you can buy the kind of curtain head track, make the curtain head, and install it on this kind of curtain head track, which will have a very beautiful effect. Curtains with double-layer rails and beautiful curtain heads are much better than curtain rods.