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Use curtains to disguise the lack of room

Nov 19,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Use curtains to disguise the lack of room

  1. Tips for heightening: Use vertical strip pattern curtains
  When the floor height is not enough, the room area is too large, or the ceiling is made during the decoration, it will give people a sense of oppression. The easiest way is to choose curtains with a strong vertical stripe pattern? Also, try not to make curtain heads. The use of plain curtains is simple and bright, which can reduce the feeling of depression. In addition, lifting curtains can be used.

  2. Brighten the room: use light-colored and shiny fabrics for curtains
  The most unsatisfactory thing about the low-level houses and the rooms with poor orientation is the light problem. Although "hardware" is insufficient, it can be "packaged" by "software". When installing curtains in such a room, light colors should be the mainstay, and the patterns should be small and exquisite. The designer's suggestion is to decorate the walls with cloth made of shiny reflective materials, such as curtains made of cotton and silk fabrics. You can also use thin fabrics such as "gauze curtains", or choose slatted blinds according to your own decoration style.

  3. Enlarge the room: use light-colored and cool-colored fabric curtains
   The room is small, you can choose light and cool curtains to decorate, because light and cool colors can create a spacious and elegant visual effect. If it is accompanied by a clean, small pattern, the effect is also good. Simple style curtains will generally appear static, so the furniture and accessories should be based on solid colors as much as possible, and a hint of jumping and aura should be added appropriately.

  4. The window is too small: install a lifting curtain
   The bedroom windows are relatively small. Installing floor-to-ceiling curtains with thick fabrics will produce a heavy and cumbersome visual effect. Therefore, it is best to install lifting curtains and Roman curtains.