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Venetian blinds gradually become the new fashion of modern home

Apr 15,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

In the minds of many people, blinds seem to be hard to come by, and if you want to put on a coat for a window, people's first choice is fabric curtains. However, in modern home decoration, more and more people start to choose blinds. Venetian blinds are used in the main places such as living room and bedroom. The blinds combine simplicity and practicality perfectly, and play a good decorative role. The perfect choice for many urban families.

Recently, in the Beijing building materials market, it was found that the style of venetian blinds in this year's market is even more diverse. Ornate, rough, cute, or elegant, the variety of materials makes the Venetian blind more vivid, and more and more consumers in Beijing like it.

It is understood in the market that this summer, the new venetian blind styles and uses are more diversified. Not only do the blades of different textures make the venetian blind a more vivid form, but the form of "louver" is also further applied to other furniture. The venetian blinds made of bamboo and straw mats are natural in color, and the material itself gives a cool feeling, which can reduce the temperature of summer homes, and it is also in line with the popular concept of green homes. In this summer's market, venetian blinds of this material are also used innovatively as sliding doors and cabinet doors, which not only maintain ventilation, but also block sight and shield dust. Because the bamboo sheet and straw mat are light-weight and not easy to expand and deform, and conform to the traditional Chinese simple home style. In addition, the modern, rough woolen fabric curtains have also become a new member of the Venetian blind family. Silk and linen fabrics of different colors wrap the leaves of the venetian blinds. Although they feel rough to the touch, they are seamlessly integrated with the venetian blinds, bringing a pleasing feeling to the simple space.
People like venetian blinds, so how should they buy them? A salesman of Haiyi Shade told reporters that at present, there are many varieties of venetian blinds in building materials supermarkets. When buying, not only should you decide to buy based on good or bad, but also pay attention to the quality and quantity to avoid unnecessary trouble when using it. The blades of the venetian blind are an important part of adjusting the venetian blind. When purchasing venetian blinds, it is best to first touch whether the venetian blind blades are smooth and even to see if each blade will have burrs. Generally speaking, good quality venetian blinds handle the blade details better, especially the venetian blind blades made of plastic, wood, and bamboo. If the texture is good, then the service life will be longer. The adjustment lever is also a key part of the blind. The adjustment lever of the venetian blind has two functions, one is to adjust the lifting switch of the venetian blind, and the other is to adjust the angle of the blade. When inspecting the adjustment lever, first hang the blinds to see if the lifting switch is smooth, then turn the adjustment lever to see if the turning of the blade is also flexible.