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What are the fabrics of roller blinds?

Jun 21,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

First, purchase roller blinds from materials
There are many kinds of materials for roller blinds. We should carefully distinguish them. According to the density of the fabrics, we can also choose better fabrics. Generally speaking, the fabrics with higher density are relatively washable and practical. There are also some fabrics that are embroidered. For such fabrics, we just check the craftsmanship of the fabric and see if there is any thread on the embroidery. For cotton fabrics, see if it will pilling. Pilling is bad quality.
Second, purchase roller blinds from the details
In the details of the curtains, the most important detail we need to pay attention to is the curtain. The shape of the curtain can directly affect the overall style of the roller blinds. Whether it is simple and modern, the pastoral romantic or intellectual and elegant design will be affected. The effect of the curtain; let us make an analogy. If it is a European or American roller blind, the design of the curtain will make more than 3 water ripples. Next to the water ripple, there will be a "flag" echo. .
Third, purchase roller blinds from accessories
There are probably a few accessories for roller blinds, such as curtain rods, rails, laces and curtains. Although they are only small accessories, they also have their unmovable position. These accessories greatly affect the use of roller blinds. Life, especially hardware accessories, must be better quality, more durable.