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What are the installation steps for blinds

Jun 30,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

In the office or some public places, the decoration style is generally simple and atmospheric, and if we want to have a good privacy, we need to install blinds, because some fabric curtains are not suitable for these office places . So we can often see the use of blinds in our lives. So, how much do you know about the product of blinds? When it is suitable for the use of this product, how should we install the blinds? Let me introduce how to install the blinds below.
How to install venetian blinds-how to open and close venetian blinds
There is a bead in the track. The friction between the rope and the bead allows the bead to catch the rope, and the rear blinds will be fixed at the position you want to fix. If you want to put it down, it is very simple. The right belt is called above 45 degrees, a little harder, if the environment is very quiet, you can hear the sound of the card beads falling, and then you keep the angle unchanged, put the rope, the blinds will come down, if you want to stop at a certain position , Just hold the rope, then don’t relax, straighten the rope, and then gently, it will do.
How to install the blinds-measure the size of the outer frame
The width measures the width of the outer frame of the window from left to right. The widest size of the upper, middle and lower of the window is the suitable width of the outer frame. The height measures the height of the window frame from top to bottom. The larger size of the left, center, and right of the window is the suitable height of the frame.

How to install the blinds-measure the size of the inner frame
Same as the method of measuring the size of the outer frame, first determine the window depth to allow the shutter blades to move freely. Different installation methods require different window depths; fixed or horizontal installation requires a depth of 8cm. In addition to the sliding blade installation, the width of the product blade is considered The number of layers of the installation product should also be considered. Usually two layers of push-pull to ensure the blade movement needs 15cm depth, single fan needs 10cm depth; folding installation must reserve 10cm depth.

How to install blinds-fixed installation code
All installation codes of the same product must be on the same straight line in the front, back, and up and down directions. If there is a curtain box, the cross-sectional width of the curtain box should be greater than 90mm. Remember to push the installation code slider to the end, and then push the louver and rotate the louver. If you want to fold the horizontal and vertical blinds, you must first turn the blades perpendicular to the wall and then pull it up. If you want to stop halfway or later, you should turn the pull cord 45 degrees to the right, and the entire curtain will automatically Fasten.
The above is the installation method of the blinds that I introduced to you. Before installing the blinds, we first need to measure the size of the outer frame, measure the size of the inner frame, and then fix the installation code. After having a simple understanding of these three steps, I believe you can master the installation of blinds. If we can install the blinds ourselves, we can also save the next part of the money, which is also beneficial to everyone.