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What fabric curtains are best and most practical

Jul 01,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

A long time ago, there was an article saying that when I was young, my family was very poor and I often had to move. But every time I went to a new home, the hostess always let the children hang up the curtains first. She told the children that the curtains were hung up. A home, warm and quiet. Indeed, in addition to the role of the shaded decorative room, the curtains also protect family privacy. So what do you pay attention to when choosing curtains? Color, style or match with furniture?
Imagine that when you return home from an outdoor temperature of 30 ° C, the following screen will appear:
Nice curtains: It's beautiful there, but it doesn't want to get you close to Khanjinjin.
Practical curtains: You just came back from the hot outside to help you block the sinister sun.
When you need a hidden private space:
Nice curtains: In the tulle, you can clearly see the world outside, and people outside can understand your every move.

Practical curtains: protect you and give you a space to be alone.

According to the above scenario, you know which one to choose. But whether curtains are practical is a broad concept, mainly based on materials.
What fabric curtains are best and most practical
The curtain fabrics on the market mainly include: polyester: the advantage of polyester material is that the vertical sense is very strong, and it is still the original appearance after washing, and it is not easy to wrinkle and shrink. The disadvantage is that the softness is not as good as cotton and linen.
Cotton and linen: The disadvantage of cotton and linen material is that it is easy to wrinkle and shrink after washing. After washing a few times, the curtain will become shorter. The advantages of cotton and linen materials are wear resistance and heat resistance, and strong sun protection.
Yarn quality: Yarn fabric is very breathable. The disadvantage is that the shading effect is not good.
Flocking: Flocking fabric feels very good to feel, and the warmth is also the best. The disadvantage is that it is easy to hide bacteria.
Silk: The softness, fineness and lightness of silk fabrics are the best.
After reading the above analysis, is it still not good to choose which one is better? It is recommended to choose different curtains for different seasons. The temperature and light intensity are different in the four seasons, because the corresponding curtains are selected.
In the hot summer, you should choose a curtain that can create a cool feeling, flocking fabric is not good, because it is the best in warmth;
The summer sun is shining, so the translucent gauze curtains don't work either.
Cotton, polyester, silk, etc. are all good choices. In order to have a refreshing visual sense, you should choose a light color system.
Winter needs warm curtains, so flocking fabric is the best choice!
Dry weather in winter is easy to generate static electricity, so cotton and linen curtains are a good choice, comfortable and warm, and can reduce static electricity.
In the spring and autumn, the sun is not as bright as the summer sun, and the temperature is not as cold as in winter, so you can choose yarn curtains. The gauze curtains have good light transmission, and the shallow sunlight shines into the house to create a comfortable and comfortable. If you feel that the single-layer gauze is thin, you can choose a double-layer gauze, which is warm during the day and can resist the chill at night.