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What fabric is most commonly used for roller blinds?

Sep 25,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

The most common roller blinds are made of fabric. In this case, synthetic materials and natural materials and their combinations will be used.
The most popular types of materials:

Polyester. It is a versatile and practical material with long service life. Such roller blinds are easy to maintain, because most of these polyester roller blinds have undergone a special impregnation treatment to prevent dust, dirt, and bacteria. The product also perfectly copes with its main function-protection from sunlight.

Linen, cotton. Natural materials, usually used to decorate rural houses or rooms in ecological or rustic style. However, such roller blinds cannot be used in rooms with high humidity, they tend to shrink and change their original shape. Translucent display is translucent roller blind
Polyester + cotton. This combination is characterized by the practical combination of natural cotton and polyester fiber. However, they are not suitable for use in humid environments like 100% cotton and shrink cotton.

Polyester + viscose. This option is very suitable for oriental style interiors. The shape of such products will not be deformed and maintenance is simple.

Polyester+PVC. The use of high-material pvc increases luster and smoothness. These roller blinds may shrink slightly. If it is covered with acrylic, the moisture resistance will increase and the heat resistance will increase, so the effect of direct sunlight will not negatively affect the product. Very suitable for some harsh environments
In terms of light transmittance, the fabrics used for roller blinds are:



Partial power failure (dim);

Completely opaque (shading).

Products made of transparent and translucent fabrics are similar to the tulle in roller blinds. Antifouling fabrics can better prevent sunlight, so such products are usually hung in south-facing windows and greenhouses. Blackout roller blinds are very suitable for bedrooms, meeting rooms, and home theaters.
The palette of roller blind fabrics is very wide, so everyone can choose an option. Remember, products made of any material must be cleaned regularly by dry cleaning. Through such care, the possibility that the roller blind will need to be cleaned or dry-cleaned is greatly reduced.