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What is roller blind fabric: all types and their characteristics

Oct 24,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Various types of roller blind fabrics allow you to choose sun protection designs for different styles of rooms. Much depends on the roller shutter fabrics: they can make the office look neat and bring warmth and comfort to the apartment, and with their help, you can completely darken the room or fill the room with soft scattered light. The correct choice can not only protect the room from sunlight, but also make the room unique and beautiful.

The most common types of roller blinds

Horizontal roller blinds-considered classic blinds, they are assembled from strict horizontal slats. The types of this type are different: plastic, aluminum, wood. Horizontal roller blinds allow you to darken any room. Install horizontal roller blinds on every sash, on inclined surfaces, and even between frames. They are very easy to operate and simple to operate.

Vertical roller blinds-the slats can be moved from the center to the side, from one side of the window to the other, and can be rotated at any angle around the axis. This type is usually used for large windows with non-standard openings and arched windows, while the sheets of vertical roller blinds are made of different lengths. This roller blind has a chain opening mechanism, which is easier to operate than horizontal blinds. They resisted the gust. The denser the fabric, the less the flakes are deformed, which means they will last longer. Usually made of polyester and pvc materials.

Plain weave roller blind-is a single-layer fabric wound on a horizontal roller. A very popular type, easy to use and easy to maintain, with an unlimited number of textures, patterns and fabric colors. Plain weave roller blinds are installed on window sashes, walls and ceilings. According to the density of the fabric, plain weave roller blinds are transparent, translucent and completely opaque. There are also many materials suitable for plain weave roller blinds (flax, PVC, resin, glass fiber, etc.)

Aluminum-steel blinds-protect your house from unauthorized entry and reliably protect your property. This type of safety shutter is made of durable aluminum or steel. In addition to its protective function, such aluminum and steel blinds also help keep the house warm in winter.