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What is the function of curtains?

Sep 02,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Note: Straight strips or curtains with folk patterns make the room simple and elegant. The American pastoral style advocated by    Jin Yuan, with the theme of natural comfort, advocates the concept of leisurely home life. Our curtain styles closely follow European and American fashion trends, with novel and unique styles. The fabric is printed with mercerized cotton, the fabric is bright in color and soft to the touch. In addition, it has been treated with sun protection to increase the durability of the fabric. The fabric pattern of our Jinyuan has a unique American pastoral style, mainly with realistic flowers, which is natural and vivid. Give relaxed and comfortable enjoyment to people who have been busy working all day

What is the function of curtains? Adjusting the light  Using curtains, the indoor light can be adjusted, lighting or shading as needed. For example, darker light is required for work and brighter light during study. At this time, multi-layer curtains or the angle of venetian blinds can be used to adjust the intensity and direction of indoor light to avoid stringy light.  2. Protection of private life     If the house is close to the house and you are worried that you can see the interior from the outside, curtains can be used to block the outside view and enhance privacy. If it is a bathroom curtain, it is best to use a single, and the seams of the double curtains are not tight.  3. Adjust the scenery outside the window    When the scenery outside the window is unsightly, you can use curtains to cover the scenery outside the window so that people don't pay attention to it. On the contrary, you can use the beautifully decorated curtains to attract people's eyes and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window.  4. Protect furniture that is susceptible to sunlight.    Windows, wooden floors, carpets, and furniture that are exposed to sunlight and the sun will undergo serious fading and deformation. At this time, curtains can protect them from sunlight. At the same time, when choosing curtain materials, pay attention to choosing materials with strong sun resistance to extend the service life of the curtains.  5. Adjusting the indoor temperature   Windows is a place where heat is easy to dissipate. In summer, radiant heat from sunlight enters the room through the windows, and indoor heat is dissipated outside through the windows in winter. At this time, if you use fabric curtains, you can adjust the indoor temperature to a certain extent. There is a kind of vertical venetian blind, which is coated with anti-radiation paint on one side of the curtain. In summer, the side facing outward can prevent outdoor heat from entering the room. In winter, the side facing inward can also prevent indoor heat from dissipating to the outdoors and adjust the indoor temperature. The effect is better.  6. ​​Window glass can transmit outdoor noise to the room. Curtains made of thicker cloth and velvet fabric can absorb noise and play a role in sound insulation and noise prevention to a certain extent.