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What kind of curtain fabric to choose?

Nov 06,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Curtain fabric

80% of the medium-priced fabric curtains on the market are made of polyester fiber or polyester fiber blended fabric.

Starting from the needs of the room, living room, bedroom, study, children’s room...different needs for daylight, different life scenes, different family members, the desired light environment is also different, so it is better to give each Customized exclusive curtain cloth for the room.
· Polyester fabric:
Polyester fiber is what we commonly call "polyester". Using it to make curtains has the advantages of being stiff, durable, wrinkle-resistant, drape, and non-sticky, so this material is simply "natural for curtains."

For ordinary curtains made of 100% polyester fiber, at a fixed height of 250cm or 270cm, the price generally ranges from 50 to 70 yuan per meter, and the overall two pieces will not exceed 300 yuan.

· Linen fabric:
If you like a natural Zen style, you can choose light-permeable linen. The linen cloth has irregular textures, which not only provides privacy, but also creates a comfortable and warm feeling in the room. Linen can also be dyed in other colors. For example, IKEA's Eufried curtains are dyed dark blue-gray with natural dyes. Most of the linen curtains sold online are blended with polyester fiber, which can make the linen curtains stiffer and more shading.
Custom-made pure linen curtains range from 70 yuan to 100 yuan per meter. Customized linen curtains are more expensive. Try to buy finished curtains. The total price will be more cost-effective.
There is also a small reminder: linen curtains transmit light, and the light intensity affects the visual color of the fabric. The light yellow fabric under strong light may become grayish pink when stacked. You must see clearly when choosing.