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Which curtain fabric is best?

Apr 23,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

Which curtain fabric is best?
1. Cotton and linen fabric
Most of the curtains in the home are made of this cotton and linen fabric. In addition to being relatively affordable in price, it has a lot to do with the material. Cotton and linen type curtains are very breathable and also have a good moisture absorption effect. Therefore, there will be no mildew on the curtains during use. Moreover, the appearance of curtains made of this material is more natural and suitable for various types of home use.
2. Flannel
The texture of the flannel curtain is relatively heavy, and the drape is also very strong. The flannel curtains that can be seen, the whole style and fabric tend to be heavy and have a strong Chinese style. At the same time, the flannel curtains have the effect of dyes and fibers, and the color fixing effect is good, and it is not easy to fade.
3. Polyester fabric
Polyester is a common curtain material now. The surface is very smooth and the gloss is relatively high, which is somewhat similar to the feeling of silk. However, the quality of polyester is different from that of silk, it has a good waterproof effect and is more durable. It is precisely because of the better waterproof effect that it can be seen that the breathability and moisture absorption are not very good.
4. Wooden weave curtain
Some people may wonder, what is this wood-woven curtain? As the name suggests, it is actually a curtain woven from wooden materials, which is somewhat similar to rattan weaving. This kind of curtain gives people a feeling of being very close to nature, and it is very simple and rustic. Moreover, the air permeability is relatively good, and it will not transmit light, which is suitable for indoor use in a dark environment.
5. Yarn fabric
The curtains made of gauze fabric have a very elegant feeling. If used in summer, they can block the heat from the outside and let the cool air blow into the room. However, this gauze curtain has a very obvious disadvantage, that is, shading, which can only be used as the inner layer of the curtain. If it is used alone, there is almost no shading effect of the curtain.
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