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Whole home fabrics, different styles of curtains

May 27,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

Advocating fresh naturalism

Naturalism has always been the fashion trend of home furnishing in recent years, emphasizing the quiet and comfortable feeling of returning from the city to the countryside, so the pastoral style is also a major trend in fabric art. The pastoral style is mostly taken from natural elements, the most representative being flowers and plaid patterns. Whether it is a large piece of fine flowers, one or two large flowers inadvertently embellished at the corners, or a solid-color plaid pattern, they are still popular.

Traditional style abstract and beautiful

The ethnic elements full of oriental artistic conception have shined brightly in international exhibitions in recent years, and it feels more condensed when used in this season's fabric design. The Chinese elements that were very realistic in the past have become more abstract, but they can make the viewer feel the traditional aesthetic feeling. The pattern does not focus on complex lines like in the past, but highlights a special level and three-dimensional sense in the use of color. The colors are also brighter and more modern, with both a historical heritage and a fashionable interpretation. Antique home furnishing is also a very popular home style in recent years, so it gives a good space for traditional Chinese style fabrics. At the same time, with the widespread use of traditional styles, traditional Chinese-style fabrics can also receive very good results even as adjustments and embellishments in modern-style homes.

Urban atmosphere simple and luxurious

When it comes to luxury, you may first think of layers of folds, heavy drapery, or complicated decorations. However, this season, in line with the transformation of urban lifestyle from external to internal, the prevalence of minimalism, and the pursuit of a more leisurely life attitude, a simple luxury style has emerged. It is also made of high-grade materials and fine workmanship, but it does not have that heavy and oppressive feeling in decoration, but gives people a feeling of lightness, calmness, and freedom. For example, multi-layer fabric decoration will find a balance through the contrast of materials, abandon overly complicated texture and decoration, and make the modeling lines more smooth and atmospheric. Even a piece of solid-colored cloth can be decorated with only a few simple flowers, but the flowers are made of special materials and colors, and the three-dimensional sense is very strong, which can still reveal that gorgeous feeling.

It is worth noting that luxury style curtains should not be matched with lively and lovely furniture.

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