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Why choose a roller blind in the office

Jan 21,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Generally large commercial buildings, office buildings, conference rooms, schools, etc., want to not only occupy a geographical location, but also have a good shading effect, but also play a role in heat insulation, it is better to choose rolling curtains.
Roller shutter windows have the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple structure, and durable structure. They are suitable for office and home window shades, especially for large-area glass curtain wall roller shutters.
When the roller blind fabric is lowered, the indoor light can be softened and protected from direct sunlight, achieving a good shading effect. When the roller blind is raised, its volume is small, so that it is not easy to detect.
Roller shutter fabrics include semi-shading roller shutters, semi-light-transmitting roller shutters, and full-shading roller shutters, which can be determined according to the position of the window and the use.
Roller blind fabrics are rich in colors and various colors, which can be matched with the corresponding working environment.
Roller shutters are more convenient to take care of and roll up when not in use, making it difficult to collect dust. Commonly used cities only need to dust the dust with feather duster.