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Window curtains are mainly decorative accessories

Aug 12,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Dispensable window curtains
Window curtains are mainly decorative accessories, which are more commonly used in traditional European style homes. Don't use it for those who love to be clean, it's the easiest to get dusty. The price is not expensive, about one hundred and one meter. An American friend changed a new house and asked me to purchase some curtains on his behalf in China. There are 6 bedrooms, a dozen windows, and many of them are large French windows. If all windows in the house use curtains , It's tens of thousands.

Things like curtains that need to be processed by hand are more expensive in European and American countries, so there are many readers who have moved abroad. They purchase them in China and then ship them in containers.

Lace tassel strap
These are only decorative functions, if viewed from a practical point of view, they are optional. But if your wife or girlfriend really likes it, as a man, don't talk too much and try to stop it. For many women, the value of beauty naturally belongs to the category of "practical", and it belongs to the top practical. From the cleaning point of view, these things will increase the difficulty, and ordinary lace is easy to turn yellow and brittle, and the good quality lace is not expensive, but the total price can be hundreds or even thousands. There are many videos of self-made lace tassel straps on the Internet, which can be transferred to my wife.

The previous curtain hooks were mostly made of galvanized iron, which would break after a long time, and the curtains would droop a few pieces, which was ugly and had poor shading properties. Now the hooks used are made of PP material, which is very light, strong, high temperature and corrosion resistant, and very cheap, and they are provided by curtain merchants for free.

Even the same curtain fabrics are often sold at different prices, which is a pit that is often questioned on the Internet. In fact, this is a widespread misunderstanding. The curtain manufacturers we call are actually "processing factories". They buy whole rolls of various fabrics from fabric manufacturers; they purchase rails from aluminum alloy manufacturers; they purchase Roman rods from manufacturers that produce Roman rods. ----They need to process these raw materials before they can become curtains that we can use. For example, in accordance with Japanese curtain processing requirements, there are 16 processes, which will affect the performance, beauty and service life of curtains. The difference in working procedures, process standards, and processing equipment are the main factors that determine the price of curtains, not the fabrics and accessories mentioned on the Internet. Even with the same fabric, the quality of curtains made by a small workshop and a standard factory is very different.