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Zebra blind also known as soft gauze blind, rainbow blind, soft silk, double roller blinds.

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Zebra blind also known as soft gauze blind, Rainbow blind, soft silk, double roller blinds.Zebra blind is very popular in recent years, its unique open and close structure and the atmosphere of blind style is simple, attracted broad consumer.

Rainbow blind is a kind of textile woven by a small piece of fabric with the same width and gauze. It is easy to operate, diversified shading forms and more versatile. It is not only suitable for office and other office space, but also suitable for home environment, such as living room, dining room, study, bedroom, kitchen and other household blinds.

1. Use in living room

Characteristic: the style is beautiful, the light passes through thin stripe light yarn, cover is illuminated inside the bedroom, downy and comfortable, make the person's mood also becomes hallow.

2. Use in dining room

Characteristic:The warm soft yarn is perfectly combined with the shading fabric. When the fabric is pulled, the outdoor scenery and soft light can penetrate into the room. When the fabric is closed, it can solar proof and blackout , completely isolated from the outdoors, ensuring privacy and showing the simplicity and elegance of the zebra blind.

3. Use in study

Characteristic:It has the functions of shading and landscape penetration, and can well control the light, prevent peeping and dust, and the curtain has the function of heat insulation and warmth in the state of opening and closing.

4.Use in bed room

Characteristic:It has the dimming function of Venetian blinds. By adjusting the Angle of the curtain, different transmittance curtains can be overlapped, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and have a gentle texture of cloth.

5.Use in balcony

Characteristic:Curtain cloth is not easy to accumulate ash, clean maintenance is simple, fabric is not easy to be out of shape, when the curtain is closed completely, curtain cloth and bottom groove can be completely hidden in the top groove, can effectively protect the curtain, save space.

6. Use in kitchen

Characteristic:The curtain cloth of interval presents a kind of unique household style, at the same time the curtain cloth is not easy to touch ash to touch oil, convenient disassemble and wash, fresh and fashionable.

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