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Installation position of roller blind

Jan 29,2021 / / Author: admin

The consideration of the installation position is not only related to the installation position of the roller shutter relative to the window, but also related to whether a given project should use external or internal blinds. Just like the other three considerations we discussed, each option is suitable for different applications: External shading is the most energy-efficient way to control solar gain, because it prevents light radiation from entering the building and heating up. This can increase energy efficiency by up to 75% compared to inner shadows. However, external shadows require sensors to allow the shadows to retract under strong wind conditions. The increase in sensors and the need for more robust, external grade hardware and structures will increase the overall cost of the system.
Most leading shade manufacturers provide educational resources and consulting services that can help evaluate various options. Architects and designers can contact their local manufacturer’s representatives to review the details of a given project’s needs.

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