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Look at your character and taste from the shades of curtains

Nov 11,2021 / / Author: admin

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Look at your character and taste from the shades of curtains

   Peach Pink Curtain

  Hidden character: young

   People who decorate their homes with peach-pink curtains often want to show themselves young and energetic. I even hope that it is a noble image in the eyes of others. Most people who like pink are either handsome men or beautiful women, exuding a charm that makes them very comfortable to see. However, there is a strong tendency to escape reality. Because he is not good at confiding in others, he often hides in his own little world. In addition, people who cannot bear the embarrassment of reality and who have been betrayed by trusted people will also like pink.

   red curtain

  Hidden character: Optimistic

   People who love red curtains belong to the energetic action school. No matter how much effort or cost you have to be optimistic, you are not gloomy because of setbacks, but always find a way to solve it on the spot. He is deeply hostile to those who hinder his own happiness. Once something happens, you always blame others first, which is quite detrimental to you. If you can treat others with a more forgiving heart, I believe your popularity will be more prosperous.

   yellow curtain

  Hidden Character: Creation

   People who like yellow curtains are highly creative and curious. She cares more about social issues than personal issues, likes to pursue lofty ideals, and is especially keen on social movements. Quite confident and knowledgeable, you are proud of it. You look like a socialist, but you are actually lonely inside. Therefore, you will never betray your friends, and you will never do anything you are not sure about.

   green curtain

  The hidden character: harmony

   The person who loves green curtains is basically a peace-seeking person. But he is afraid of being alone and likes group life. Because of this, you are good at maintaining a good and harmonious relationship with the people around you, and always give people a kind and gentle impression. However, because the attitude towards everyone is the same, it is sometimes easy to mistake people for being a slick person.

   blue curtain

  Hidden character: rationality

   hang a window with blue curtains, the owner is a very rational person. When confronted with problems, they are always in danger. When conflicts arise, they always resolve things silently. When it is time to fight back, they will surely convince people with beautiful means. Absolutely insist on one's own opinions, and lack the grace to adopt others' opinions, so when disagreeing with others, although on the surface there will not be any dissatisfaction, in fact it is very mindful.

   purple curtain

  Hidden character: Sensibility

   People who use purple curtains to create a family style are usually artists and tend to be sentimental. But there is sensibility in wit, and his observation ability is particularly keen. Although he considers himself ordinary, he is quite individual. Be silent and introverted in public. But it is often easy to abuse your feelings and cause many unnecessary misunderstandings.