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On the origin and development of curtains from ancient times to modern times

Dec 18,2020 / / Author: admin

Window has been widely used by the ancients since ancient times. In our country, windows were first used as roof chimneys and were handed down. The earliest people made curtains with leaves, bamboo, reeds, animal skins, etc., because they are easy to manufacture, beautiful and compatible. It has the function of protecting privacy, so it has been used to this day. The most obvious development characteristic of the ever-changing development of curtains is reflected in the materials used in the curtains. Ancient curtain development Before the Han Dynasty: The window is just a rough hole cut or left in the wall or ceiling. The basic purpose is to ventilate, and it is basically covered with animal skin or grass woven fabric. Han Dynasty: Cai Lun invented paper. People began to use paper to cover households. At that time, the windows were all pasted with paper, and the windows were generally small and dense, mainly to prevent theft. Paper pasted windows are very common in northern homes. The paper used to paste windows is also called beam paper. It is white and has a certain thickness and toughness. Song Dynasty: Cloth art began to appear in the Song Dynasty. At that time, the common people began to use cloth instead of paper. The cloth art was rich in patterns and light, and deduce a variety of style curtains. Fabric curtains can be divided into cotton gauze, polyester fabric, polyester-cotton blended fabric and cotton-linen blended fabric according to their different materials. Different materials, colors, patterns, etc. can form different styles of fabric curtains. Up to now, fabric curtains are still the most popular. Favorite curtains harmonize with the bedroom environment. Modern curtain development Modern times: Modern technology has developed rapidly, and curtain materials have undergone many changes. Curtains made of aluminum alloy, wood chips, non-woven fabrics and other materials began to appear. These curtains are called simple curtains. With the continuous development of technology, curtains with different functions continue to appear, such as flame retardant, energy saving, sound absorption, sound insulation, waterproof, oil proof, dustproof, anti-static, alarm, lighting, etc., as well as comprehensive functions curtain. Modern: With the change of people's aesthetic vision and the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, curtains no longer only have simple shelter and ventilation functions, they have begun to become an important part of home life, reflecting the owner's style and taste in life. A curtain that complements the home furnishings can be the icing on the cake for the room. The material, function, and comfort of curtains began to be closely related to people's health and life.