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Precautions for purchasing curtains

Apr 24,2023 / Industry News / Author: admin

1、 Curtain composition
Although curtains are a simple item, they can block the connection with the outside, making them an essential household item for every family. The cost and composition of curtains mainly include: curtain fabric, lining yarn, embellishments, production and installation costs. There are many decorative items, such as some flower fragments, hanging styles, etc. Don't look at these simple and inconspicuous things, in fact, some costs are not spent. Here are 5 traps provided for everyone.
2、 Curtain size issue
When we buy curtains, we usually give the basic finished product size to the merchant, so few people measure the size after the finished product is produced. Perhaps we trust the merchant too much! So when merchants make products, they will reduce the size, and when buyers discover it, they will use various styles, wrapping, etc. as a cover to show that the size is not a problem, leaving buyers speechless.
3、 Curtains are pleated, it is recommended that buyers buy more fabric
The word 'wrinkle' is essential when designing curtains, and can be considered as a form of craftsmanship. The fold ratio of curtains has a certain value, which is approximately 2.5 times. However, some merchants use this issue to encourage buyers to buy more cloth. When purchasing curtain fabric, we only need to add 1.5 times the size of the window, which is enough to make the curtains wrinkled. However, merchants use wrinkles as a reason to encourage buyers to buy more fabric, and say that more wrinkles will make it look beautiful. We cannot trust them.
The length of the curtains is usually around 2.7 meters, but no one will tell us when we buy them. Even if the window area is small, leaving the curtains about 20cm above the ground is sufficient. If the window area is large, the curtains can be about 10cm above the ground, which is both beautiful and not too close to the ground. We can use the remaining fabric after finishing the curtains to make pillows, which can better integrate with the color of the curtains.
4、 The usage of curtain accessories
When we purchase curtains, it's not just the fabric that costs money. The accessories and decorations on the curtains are all extra money, and we think they are just small items that may not have much money. However, when we settle the bill, we can be surprised. The accessories for the curtains are much more expensive than the fabric. In fact, when we purchase curtains, the fabric price is not high, mainly spent on accessories and accessories.
When we buy these accessories, the individual prices are not actually expensive. However, since we do not require quantity issues when we buy them, the merchant does not indicate the number of items used on them during settlement. For example, if a curtain slide is used, we will separate good items for you to sell, and each item will add up to be expensive! When purchasing, it is important to understand the price of auxiliary materials and inquire about the number of parts used to prevent falling into traps.
5、 Additional charge for installing curtains
When purchasing curtains, we must ask the merchant about the cost of installing them. Don't wait for them to come and install them at home and use up some of the charged items to understand. This will only allow the merchant to take advantage of the situation.
6、 Malicious addition of unnecessary items
When making curtains, we can create them in a simple and atmospheric style. Do not listen to the merchant adding the bead string, but have your own ideas. In fact, adding bead strings will only affect future cleaning, and there is no need to add them. The merchant only wants you to add unnecessary fees, so we must not fall into this trap.