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The choice of thickness and rigor of curtains

Dec 12,2020 / / Author: admin

One, the choice of thickness and rigor of curtains This should be considered according to the surrounding environment. If the room is located on a high-rise floor and is open outdoors, it can be thinner, gorgeous, elegant, soft and elegant; on the contrary, if the room is located in densely populated residential areas or on the bottom of a building, choose a thicker one. Like blinds, the brightness and air permeability can be controlled without affecting the display of items in front of the window. Two, the choice of curtain fabric pattern 1. Types of curtain patterns There are two main types of curtain fabric patterns, namely: abstract (also called geometric shapes), such as square, circle, stripe and other shapes, and natural material patterns (such as animals, plants, landscapes, etc.). 2. Curtain patterns are selected according to the room and consumer groups When choosing a curtain pattern, you should generally pay attention to it. The curtain pattern should not be too trivial, and the effect after pleating should be considered. The curtain pattern should not be inclined, otherwise it will make people feel inclined. Horizontal patterns should be selected for tall rooms. People of different ages prefer different patterns and colors. The color of the curtains in the living room should be moderate; the curtains in the children's room should be small animals, small dolls and other patterns, which are childlike; the curtains in the young people's rooms are mainly open and open; the curtains in the elderly's rooms are mainly comfortable... select Three. Selection of curtain size The length of the curtains should be slightly longer than the window sills to prevent the curtains from being exposed by the wind. The width of the curtain should be determined according to the width of the window, and it must be coordinated with the size of the wall. Narrow windows should choose wider curtains to block the redundant walls on both sides. And whether the curtains are pleated or double-layered, it depends on each person's preference. Pleats have a dynamic rhythmic beauty; the double-layer curtains have a unique charm inside and outside. 10. How to choose curtains and matching in summer When the hot summer comes, replace the heavy, dull and light-transmitting curtains that have been used for the whole winter, and the room is full of bright sunshine. Curtains used in summer generally have strong light transmittance, and the color is biased towards light colors, such as light blue, pure white, light green, etc. In addition to choosing thin fabrics for materials, the very popular yarn curtains in recent years are also very popular . If you want to achieve better breathability, or want to see the outdoor green scenery at any time, elegant bamboo curtains and modern blinds are the best choice. 1. Green tulle curtains, matched with black iron curtain rods, red heart-shaped curtain rod heads are believed to win the hearts of romantic women. 2. Tulle colored curtains, with wooden curtain rods, curtain rings and curtain rod accessories, suitable for owners who love beauty but don't like to show off. 3. Gray-tone tulle curtains can be equipped with black iron curtain rods, and the head ornaments of the curtain rods can be made of bamboo woven, with strong three-dimensional effect. 4. In front of the elegant bamboo roller blinds, there is a layer of white tulle. When it blows, the tulle flutters gently, which is quite amorous. 5. Blue thin cloth curtains, and the knots at the junction of the curtain rods bring a flowing beauty. With black iron curtain rod. 6. Silver-gray blinds. It will be very coordinated with modern style furniture. It can be put on the window of the study room. 7. Light blue thin strips of thin cloth roller blinds can be adjusted in different lengths and form layers. 8. Many people like to use pure white curtains in summer. The cloth buckles at the junction of the curtain rods are not monotonous, and the wooden curtain rods look simple and generous.