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Types and choices of blinds

Nov 20,2020 / / Author: admin

Silver-coated blackout curtains are the most common type of curtains in hotels. The price is very affordable, only about 10 yuan per meter. Silver-coated curtains can achieve a shading rate of more than 90%, and the darker the color, the stronger the shading ability. Pulling it up, the room is worthy of the name "darkness" and "out of sight". But this kind of blinds can only be wiped with a damp cloth if they are dirty, the material is easy to age, and the service life is generally three or four years. Black silk shading curtain, with a thick woven fabric, with a high-density black silk layer in the middle, which can absorb sunlight and resist up to 70% of ultraviolet rays (sorry, there is no civilian curtain cloth that can filter all ultraviolet rays), effectively blocking the outdoors High temperature and low temperature. In terms of shading effect, it is not as good as silver-coated material. The shading rate is about 70% to 80%, but it is better than breathable and easy to clean. The black silk interlayer is like the lining of a suit. In addition to a certain degree of shading, it can also make the curtain look more textured, which is much stronger than the silver-coated plastic sheet. The blackout curtain has a good insulation effect When buying a blackout curtain, if you want to check the shading rate, there is a small coup: in a backlit area, turn on the flashlight mode of the mobile phone and press it under the fabric to shine. The less light that comes out, the better the shading effect. Not everyone likes the shading rate of "shielding the sky and the sun". Some families don't want to install gauze curtains. The curtain fabric can be made of enough material and can show soft light. The shading rate can be controlled at around 70%. in conclusion If you want to heat, heat, sound, and absorb, polyester fiber (polyester) and cotton are better; Cotton and linen can better adjust the light, make the room more warm, and blend with polyester fiber is more practical; Silk and suede are not easy to take care of, so don't use them on a large scale, or use them in private spaces such as bedrooms and studies. Sensitive to light, you can consider buying additional shades.