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Types of Roller Shade Fabric

Sep 06,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

Fabric is an important component of roller shades. Most roller shades have a double hem at the bottom and a 1/2-inch hem at the top. These hems are where the wooden pull-strip will be inserted. If you're replacing an existing shade, you can either use staples or adhesive tape to attach the new fabric. Once you have the fabric and pull-strip attached, you can hang your shade with ease.

Fiberglass and polyester are two common types of roller shade fabric. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. Fiberglass is stronger than polyester and is resistant to heat. However, polyester is less dimensionally stable and has a tendency to fray when exposed to heat. The advantages of these materials lie in their low weight and thin profiles, which are important for tensioned shades.

Roller shades are an excellent choice for those looking to control sunlight. They can be purchased with a wide variety of fabrics and colors. They are convenient and can be rolled up neatly at the top of the window when not in use. The fabric also comes in various patterns and textures. In addition to that, you can choose from a large selection of neutral tones and rich, premium colors. If you're not sure which type of fabric is right for your windows, you can request a sample.

Open weave and closed weave roller shades are typically constructed from polyester or fiberglass covered with PVC. However, more eco-friendly versions of these materials are also available. In addition, some fabrics are made from cotton blends or linen. They have excellent tear and tensile strength.