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What are the fire safety requirements for roller shade fabrics?

Apr 24,2024 / Industry News / Author: admin

Roller shade fabric is subject to strict requirements in terms of fire safety, which are mainly reflected in the fire resistance, combustibility, and special fire treatment of the materials.

The primary raw materials of roller shade fabric must comply with relevant national or industry standards to ensure basic fire resistance. Additionally, the thickness of the fabric is also an important consideration because adequate thickness can provide better insulation and fire protection.

The combustibility of roller shade fabric is also crucial for fire safety. The combustion performance of the decorative fabric and base fabric of fireproof roller shades should not be lower than the corresponding standards, which helps to slow down the spread of fire in the event of a fire.
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Moreover, some special fire treatments are also necessary. For example, some roller shade fabrics undergo special fire treatments such as adding flame retardants or using fire-resistant coatings to increase their fire resistance limits and fire ratings.

In practical applications, fireproof roller shades are usually customized according to different building structures, sizes, and usage requirements. They can be used for fire doors and stairwells in public places such as commercial buildings, hospitals, and hotels, as well as for fire isolation in garages and ventilation openings in buildings such as factories, warehouses, and office buildings.

The requirements for fire safety in roller shade fabric are multifaceted, ranging from material selection to special treatments, all aimed at effectively slowing down the spread of fire and protecting people's lives and property in the event of a fire.