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What is the principle of the separation connector of the continuous chain of Roller shade fabric?

Oct 19,2023 / Industry News / Author: admin

The separation connector, also known as a breakaway or safety connector, used in continuous chain systems for roller shade fabric is a crucial safety feature designed to reduce the risk of entanglement and strangulation, particularly in households with children or pets. The principle of operation of a separation connector is relatively simple: it allows the chain to separate into two pieces when subjected to a certain amount of force, preventing the chain from forming a dangerous loop.
Here's how the separation connector works:
1. Design: The separation connector is typically designed as a plastic or magnetic device that is incorporated into the continuous loop chain. It may consist of two halves that are connected or attached to the chain.
2. Connection: The separation connector connects the two ends of the chain loop. It can be positioned anywhere along the length of the chain, depending on the design of the roller shade system.
3. Force Activation: The separation connector is engineered to release and separate when a certain amount of force is applied. The force required is intentionally set at a level that is safe for a child but strong enough to hold the chain under normal use.
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4. Separation: When a child or pet pulls or tugs on the chain with excessive force or if the chain gets caught or entangled, the separation connector will disengage, causing the two halves of the chain to separate. This breaks the loop and eliminates the risk of entanglement or strangulation.
5. Reconnection: After the separation occurs, the two halves of the chain can be easily reconnected by the user. This allows the roller shade to return to normal operation once the issue has been addressed.
The primary goal of the separation connector is to provide an added layer of safety by preventing the formation of hazardous loops that could pose a risk to children or pets. This feature is a key component in roller shade safety design and helps to reduce the potential for accidents while maintaining the functionality of the continuous chain system. Users should be aware of the presence of separation connectors and how they work, as well as follow the manufacturer's guidelines for safe use and reconnection of the chain if separation occurs.